October 2021 archive

About Me

My blog is about me! My name is Maleah. I am a 12 year old girl and I live in Circleville, Ohio. I love playing sports mostly softball and volleyball but I also play basketball. I have played travel softball for two years but this will be my third.  I am trying out for a club volleyball team as well. Being with my friends is my favorite thing to do. I also love going to school, going shopping, and going to church. At school I participate in student council and many activities for my schools community. ELA is my favorite subject but math comes very close! My church has a youth group that I go to every Sunday night if I don’t have a sport to play. I love to be around little kids, sometimes I baby-sit my little cousins. I don’t have any pets although dogs and dolphins are my favorite animals! Over the years I’ve been on several vacations. I love the beach, we go there a lot. My family also goes camping sometimes it’s pretty fun! My favorite restaurant is Roosters and Texas Roadhouse. My favorite fast food restaurant is Chipotle and Chick-Fila. My favorite food is Italian and I love watermelon! There’s the best things to get to know me!


Avatar me!

This is my cartoonify avatar. My avatar is very unique and it represents what I look like. I am a naturally curly haired red-head with brown eyes and glasses. My eyes are a really dark brown and my eyelashes are extremely long. My glasses are circle shaped and they are brown, black, and gold on the sides. My glasses also cover most of my eyebrows. My eyebrows are very bushy and weirdly shaped. I have wide lips but they are very thin. My ears are double pierced but they are covered up my hair most of the time. The nose on my avatar is very similar to my nose in real life. My nose is no too big or too small. My avatar looks very much like me although it has a few flaws.