January 2022 archive

100 Word Challenge #17

New York City is amazing! This is my first time here and I love it. I’m extremely excited to see what this trip has in store for me. This morning I went on a jog in the park. It was gorgeous. It is getting close to Autumn and the leaves are turning yellow,red, and orange. After my jog I got in a taxi to go to my hotel. I was breathing heavy and I had to catch my breath. When I got back to my hotel I went to a waterfall. This trip is going to be amazing!


“Hi my name is Junior and this is going to be the best! The ball just dropped and  today was the absolute best! I got new friends, clothes, shoes, and school supplies to start off 2022. Last year I was in elementary school and I used the same school supplies for two years in a row. *Phone rings* “Hello?” This is Jamestown school district calling to tell you that we wish you a New Year. To start this New Year we have a big surprise. No More Mandatory Mask.” “You heard that right?” Junior said. “Finally NO MORE MASK!”