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100 Word Challenge

Oh no! I just heard gunshots and my town is having a battle. I got away although I’m in the middle of the desert. This is the scariest moment of my life and I don’t know what will happen next. I have no food, water, or anything to stay clean with. I escaped with a random person I don’t even know and my whole journey will be with them. We are running as fast as our legs will go and staying low so people don’t see us on this mountaintop. Will I survive this battle or fall short?

100 Word Challenge #17

New York City is amazing! This is my first time here and I love it. I’m extremely excited to see what this trip has in store for me. This morning I went on a jog in the park. It was gorgeous. It is getting close to Autumn and the leaves are turning yellow,red, and orange. After my jog I got in a taxi to go to my hotel. I was breathing heavy and I had to catch my breath. When I got back to my hotel I went to a waterfall. This trip is going to be amazing!


“Hi my name is Junior and this is going to be the best! The ball just dropped and  today was the absolute best! I got new friends, clothes, shoes, and school supplies to start off 2022. Last year I was in elementary school and I used the same school supplies for two years in a row. *Phone rings* “Hello?” This is Jamestown school district calling to tell you that we wish you a New Year. To start this New Year we have a big surprise. No More Mandatory Mask.” “You heard that right?” Junior said. “Finally NO MORE MASK!”

Transportation- 100 word challenge

Transportation helps people in many ways. My favorite way of transportation is plane, car, or train/subway. Planes are a great way to get to a place fast. Planes are also less accidental. I think a car is a good way to travel because some cars go faster and some hold more gas. Flexibility is one of the biggest pros of travelling by car. You can stop as much as you like, drive at your own pace, and simply enjoy the freedom of your trip! If there was transportation it would be hard to get where you need to be. 

100 Word Challenge- Free Disaster?

This image makes me feel free, and scared. Outside of my town there is a factory like this. The clouds reminds me of a storm forming and when I look just at the sky I feel like I am looking at a fire. This image reminds me of being in the country or in the middle of nowhere. This image also makes me feel scared because I feel like this factory isn’t running correctly and there may be a scary future ahead. In some ways I look at it, I feel as if it could be in a movie scene. 

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