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Journey Through My School

Hey! I go to McDowell Middle School, which is in the district of Logan Elm. Logan Elm has been around for many years. We have 3 elementary schools, one intermediate school, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. Right now we are building a whole new school on campus. It’s going to be huge and every Logan Elm student will be together. It is very cool to see progress every day.

In the morning I wake up at 6:15 and the school day starts at 7:55. School ends at 2:31 and after it ends I go to any sports practice.

Right now I am in the season of basketball. Last season I played volleyball. In the spring I will play softball.Volleyball-7_Photo.jpg

I have advanced math 1st period. Guided study (where you can do your homework and study for a test) 2nd period. Advanced language arts 3rd period, then I go to lunch and AE. AE is like guided study but everybody has AE unless they do band. AE stands for academic enrichment. After my AE I go to 5th period and I have art. 5th period for everybody is an hour long, the rest of the classes are about 50 minutes. My 6th period class is social studies and my 7th is science. 

This year is my first year in 7th grade and I got on the student council. Student council makes some decisions for our school. Every first Tuesday of the month we have a meeting before school and discuss things about our school. Meetings start at 7:30 and end after our bell rings. 

My school is very fun! I love the activities they do, the way they teach, and how nice everybody is. 

My picture is from our school website.

My Volleyball collage

                                                                            Volleyball is an amazing sport. It takes athleticism, hard work, and a good attitude. I made this collage because I love volleyball. In volleyball there are different spots on the court, left front, middle front, right front, right back (where you will serve), middle back, and left back. Some coaches may number them 1-6 but that is a more extreme level. There are a few important positions that take knowledge and effort in this game. I am a setter which is one really important position. A setter will set front row for a hitter to hit/slam. A setter could set back row too, which is called back row attack. The setter always takes the second pass unless it is necessary to take the first or third passes. A setter has to know their surroundings and their front row players that they set to. Setters can come out of the back or the front row. I made this picture on word cloud

In Volleyball you can take 3 passes to get the ball over the net. Normally a team will pass, set, then hit but sometimes that may not always happen.

Volleyball is a great sport and I encourage you to try it!